Gutter system
Galeco HIDDEN GUTTER – perfectly integrated


Inspiration for designers

The Galeco HIDDEN GUTTER system was created in order to facilitate work of architects and designers creating unconventional architectural forms.

The innovative Galeco solution allows the gutters to be integrated with the façade unaffectedly.

Quick assembly and disassembly of the duct cover
Enables access to the gutter, thus cleaning of the system may be completed any time.
Rectangular shape of the pipe
Which is optimally fitted to façade, ensures additional enhancement of its efficiency.
Gwarancja 10 lat
Udzielana na odporność na korozję perforacyjną, trwałość mechaniczną oraz szczelność systemu.
Its fitting to building’s insulation may be done thanks to 100% leakproofness of the system.
Smoothly assembled HIDDEN GUTTER System is entirely safe. It means that the risk of leaking is eliminated.
CAD base is a supportive means for designers
As we are eager to facilitate designers’ job, our company made CAD drawings available. These drawings allow inserting the system into a design.
Heating cable system
It prevents the accumulation of snow and ice, freezing of water in gutters and downpipes.
Optimal connection

Galeco HIDDEN GUTTER System was created as a combination of two materials.

The gutter and the cover are made of coated steel in a two colours: black and gray, also in matt version

PVC-U was used to produce downpipes as the pipes in the façade not exposed directly to the weather conditions. Using PVC-U allowed decrease the cost of the entire gutter system

Galeco HIDDEN GUTTER System components

System elements:

  • right endcap
  • gutter 4 rm
  • outlet 125/70x80
  • cover 2 rm
  • support bracket
  • left endcap
  • pipe bracket
  • pipe 4mb
  • socket
  • reducer 70x80/110
  • elbow bracket
  • elbow 88º
  • elbow 67º
  • offset pipe
  • external corner 90º
  • internal corner 90º
  • outlet
Face bracket

The face bracket was made of uniform material without riveted components, making it more rigid and stable. It has only one latch in the lower part to decrease stress of masking cover. Additi onally, the “nose” incurvati on facilitate assembly on the gutt er drip.