Gutter system
Galeco PVC² System – perfect in every way

Galeco PVC² System

Prestige and aesthetics closed in geometry - squared


The elegant and modern shape makes the new square pvc gutter ideally suits the latest trends in construction and the aesthetic needs of investors.

Square section of the gutter and downpipe
A shape perfectly adapted to the modern building designs. Additionally, the wide and deep section of the gutter ensures higher flow capacity of the system.
Specially selected materials
By using specially selected materials, the highest possible UV resistance is achieved.
Increased sheen of the gutters
The high sheen of the system achieved in the process of co-extrusion allows users to enjoy the perfect look of the system’s components for years.
100% leakproof
Achieved by using a specially designed, innovative gutter sealing element.
Designer support with CAD/BIM
Specially prepared CAD drawings will allow architects and designers to accommodate the system into the building design.
Heating cable system
A professional system for protecting gutters and down pipes against frost and snow, protecting the entire gutter system from winter damages.
A new square gutter


Galeco PVC2 is the next step in the future and an innovative approach to the gutter system through the use of selected pvc raw material to create a square gutter profile.

The unique, square shape of the gutter and downpipe is the key to maintaining harmony and aesthetics in the most modern architectural designs.

Galeco PVC² System components

Gutter elements:

  • right endcap
  • rafter bracket
  • gutter joiner
  • gutter
  • no-seal outlet
  • external corner
  • internal corner
  • left endcap

Downpipe elements:

  • pipe
  • elbow
  • socket
  • pipe bracket
  • universal gully
  • PE plastic elbow
Sealing insert

The insert presses the gutter to the joiners, corners and endcaps where the main seal is installed, making a perfect fi t and a high leakproofness of the system.