Podsufitka dachowa
Galeco NOVA System – quality in the new edition

Galeco NOVA System

The highest ceiling thickness on the market, stiffer panels and connection on the so-called "click"

A decorative siding roof lining is intended for the eaves of a roof outside the building. Its use allows you to quickly and easily improve the aesthetics of the building.

Light weight allows installation even on delicate constructions.

Thanks to the complete system of mounting strips, the soffit can be used on any type of roof eaves.
Easiness of installation
Optimum structure of the roof ceiling components enables quick and easy installation.
The possibility of outdoor storage
through the use of protective packaging
Weather proofness
By using the highest quality PVC, the soffit retains its physical qualities regardless of weather conditions.
Unlike wood or metal, PVC is maintenance-free.
Flexibility and mechanical strength
during installation by using the optimal production technology.
A decorative siding soffit

Roof soffit assembly is not required by construction standards, but in most buildings it is used due to many advantages of such a solution:

- effective roof finish and a wide range of applications 
- the ability to mount lighting
- protection of the roof structure from atmospheric conditions
- protection of the eaves from nesting of insects and birds between rafters

Colors with wood texture

The roof soffit is the finishing of the bottom of the protruding part of the roof, i.e. the so-called hood. It can be made of wood, PVC or sheet metal. Installation is not required by construction standards, but in most buildings it is used due to the many advantages of such a solution.