Gutter system
Galeco PVC System – solid and durable gutter

Unplasticised (hard) polyvinyl chloride, a product of vinyl chloride polymerisation, is used for gutter and pipe manufacture. This plastic features high mechanical strength, inflammability, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance to majority of aggressive substances that are soluble in rainwater, and biological resistance to bacteria. Due to the application of suitable additives this plastic is UV resistant and obtains required colour and gloss.

Colour schemes

Gutter type / Pipe diameter
Colour RAL 90/50 110/80 130/80 130/100 150/100
V Dark brown (~ RAL 8019)          
W White (~ RAL 9010)          
B Black (~ RAL 9005)          
G Light grey (~ RAL 7038)          
A Graphite(~ RAL 7021)          
K Chocolate brown (~ RAL 8017)          

Efficiency table

Gutter type/ Pipe diameter
Positions of the downpipe 90 / 50 110/80 130/80 130/100 150/100

36 m2

58 m2

99 m2

99 m2

148 m2

73 m2

116 m2

198 m2

198 m2

296 m2


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PN-EN 12200-1 - July 2002, „Piping systems, made of plastics, for rainwater to be used externally above ground. Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U)” – for pipes and pipe shapes.

PN-EN 1462 - April 2006, „Handles for roof gutters. Requirements and examinations” – for hooks.

Our own declarations have been confirmed through testing that were carried out by Building Research Institute: testing reports no.:
LOW/002A/2006, LOW/031/2006, LOW/032/2006, LOW/019.1/2007, LOW/108.1/2008.