Gutter system
Galeco PVC² System – perfect in every way

Galeco PVC2 is another step towards the future and an innovative approach to gutter systems, achieved by using selected PVC material to create the square section of the gutter. The elegant and up-to-date shape makes the gutter a perfect match to the modern trends in construction and architectural designs, as well the customers aesthetics.

Sealing insert

The sealing insert is a component of the system intended to press the gutter against the fitting where the main seal is installed. The corners of a square section gutter are prone to leaking, but sealing inserts make the fitting and the main seal perfectly adjoin each other, ensuring perfect leakproofness of all system connections.

A specially selected material

The material used for production of the Galeco PVC2 System is resistant to weather conditions (as per applicable standards), mechanical damage and ageing, which makes it highly resistant to UV radiation.

The additional sealing inserts installed on the connections between the fitting, the gutter and the main seal make the system 100% leakproof and stable. Additionally, the gutter bracket is designed in such a way as to stand the highest loading as per applicable standards and is classified in the H loading category.

Size information

The Galeco PVC2 Gutter System 135/70x80 is designed for detached houses, larger residential buildings and small industrial buildings. The rigid square section makes the gutter much more efficient than round section 135 mm gutters. The rectangular section pipe was designed for modern architecture solutions, perfectly matching the building body appearance.

Efficiency table

Gutter type / Pipe diameter
Positions of the downpipe 135 / 70x80

90 m2

180 m2

Colour Selection

W zależności od pokrycia dachowego lub elewacji oferujemy dwie wersje kolorystyczne systemu z rynną kwadratową.

Typ rynny / Rozmiar rury
Colour RAL Gutter colour 135/70x80
A Graphite (~ RAL 7024) Graphite  
B Black (~ RAL 9005) Black